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It's dangerous to go alone, take this!


The aim

People will forget things. Rather than have to mess about going into Milton Keynes to try and find them it's proposed that the infodesk run a small 'general store' that will stock the basics that people will likely need to survive the weekend.


We're hoping that there will be a good community of vendors on site so we need to make sure that we're not overlapping with what they sell. We also want to only stock things that will actually sell.

Proposed stock


Things that are always useful and often forgotten.

  • Toilet paper (?)
  • Tampons
  • Condoms
  • Sun block
  • Umbrellas/ponchos


We will have food vendors but it's likely that a good number of people will cook for themselves so a few basics will help with that. Especially if the products are non perishable.

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Sugar

Perishable basics may be nice but will require proper storage and may be trickier

  • Bread
  • Milk


Stuff that is damn tricky to get hold of unless you know the right shop and ruins a camping weekend if it's not present

  • Tent pegs
  • Guy ropes
  • Tent patching kits?
  • Camping gas refills
  • Tent poles?

Hangover cures/Medicine

Because people will get hungover and no one wants the first thing they have to do on a hangover to be a walk/ride into Milton Keynes.

  • Paracetamol (do we need some sort of license?)
  • Alka Saltza
  • Renees
  • Anti-histamines

Camp specific

Bits and pieces for internet & power to tent

  • Cat5 (NOC spec) (25m, 50m, 70-75m)
  • Gang plugs
  • Power extension cables


  • Blank tee-shirts for printing on (will set up screen printing)
  • USB sticks?
  • cables?
  • knitting needles?
  • Branded anvils?
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