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Proposed remit & vague ideas of what may need to be dealt with:

  • Provide up-to-date information on what's happening at the camp to:
  • Organising and running the physical info desk
  • Creating/liaising with communications over creation of info packs etc for attendees (see below)
  • Be the main contact for HQ
  • Run the camp 'General Store'


  • Confirm remit
  • Confirm difference with communications (i.e. who makes info packs etc, should this be separate)
  • Start looking at quotes for packs


The desk should be able to answer the following sorts of questions:

  • attendees/everyone
    • What should I do about (noise, this fire, my tent mutating into godzilla, zombies)?
      • Most likely: "group X are being noisy and I'm trying to sleep, help please?"
    • What's on (now, next year....)?
    • Where is (alpha stage, the death weasel village, atlantis...)?
    • How do I (get internet, join a workshop/village, volunteer, dance the mamba...)?
  • speakers
    • Can I use (a mac, an OHP, glow-in-the-dark paint, semaphore...)? and how do I?
    • How long before my talk do I have to get there/ what do I need to do before hand?
    • Can someone help me with (setting up high voltage death wand, moving un-moveable block ...)?
  • volunteers
    • Can I change my (shift, role, t-shirt size...)?
    • When does my shift start?
    • What do I need to do?



  • To ensure proper briefing of people running the desk (cf volunteers)
    • initial set of notes here -- SamLR 7June2012
  • Availability of:
    • Radios
    • Committee contact (just in case, if situated beside HQ shouldn't be a problem)
    • Tea/ coffee (via volunteers/vendors )
    • Water for attendees?
    • Public terminal?
      • Possibly just for checking program etc? can probably use printouts + annotate?
  • Information (will possibly need some method to keep stuff up-to-date, dry-wipe/chalkboard?) (see also infopack)
    • Maps
      • as handout?
    • Directions to:
      • Nearest toilet
      • First aid
      • stages
      • villages
      • vendors/bar
    • Program
      • as handout?
    • Emergency details (should probably print on ticket if possible)
    • Volunteer information
      • unfilled shifts
      • current rota
      • duties for different roles
      • equipment (or where to get it from)
    • Misc
      • hashtag, speaker info (website etc),
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