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This is intended as a first brainstorming on what to focus on. Initial discussions highlighted that we probably want to be quite broad in contrast to the large European hacker camps. The formats can be quite diverse: talks, workshops, performances, ...

We sent a Call for Participation out on 17 May; your feedback and suggestions will help us figure out who to approach and how to promote this.

This page will change a lot as we progress.


Talks and Workshops


Suggested topics:

  • diybio
  • making
  • computer security, infosec?
  • music hacking + live coding
  • scientists!
  • "sceptics in the field", cf.
  • events for kids? - Likely legal issues with CRB checks. Might be able to circumvent by making events for kids "with parent/guardian only" or the like?
    • Our event will be "18 and over", full details tbd (e.g. how hard we need to police this)
  • Lockpicking Beginners & Advanced class(Pen testers). - I can teach this. Will have to find a babysitter though. NKT
  • Electronic/kinetic/robotic/strange art


Who would we like to invite?



"Silent disco" is always a good one. FM radio transmitter and dancers wear headphones.



Need to determine:


Venue details are now at Team/Venues -- that team will also handle tents, furniture, lighting and A/V, but likely not any livestreaming or recording of sessions.

Session recordings


We encourage Villages to run their own events and workshops. Could we still have a central events calendar for the entire camp? (One that can somehow be updated by the community.)

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