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Coverage is provided by 3-4 first aiders with St Johns and First Aid at Work qualifications and ECRB checks. There is a first aid point where causalities can be taken along with a number for the 'on-call' first aider. All crew have this number and can direct people to the first aid point. First aiders can be easily spotted by their bright green tabards.


  • St Johns a viable option?
  • According to [1] we require only 1 first aid post and two first aiders
    • This means we need 27 shifts worth of people (3 first aiders, 3 8-hour shifts, 3 days). Implies at least 6 first aiders (3 on, 3 off).
  • Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Ambulance and Paramedic Service, NHS Trust. 01582 406700 - Out of hours transport, Daytime ambulance control mon/fri 01234 408999


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